Friday, March 13, 2009

Adam Lambert: So What If He's Gay?

I'm a fan of Adam Lambert. In fact, he blows me away. All over the Internet, debate is raging about the sexuality of this amazing performer. But what does it really matter? For decades, our greatest performers have embraced different forms of human sexuality. Straight, bisexual, homosexual...we've seen it all before. And talent like Adam's shouldn't be subject to labels like this.

Sure, he's theatrical. He wears makeup, dresses beautifully, has emo hair...but my God, have you heard him sing? Have you heard the range and power? And his ability to work a stage sets him apart. His confidence and bravery make everything he does exciting. So what if he's gay? Big deal. It doesn't matter to me and it shouldn't matter to you. Adam Lambert deserves to go through on merit alone.

Have you watched "Is Anybody Listening?" from the Ten Commandments on YouTube? Have you watched the "Crawl Thru Fire" video? Or his brilliant electropop song, Kiss and Tell? I can tell you that Adam writes some of these songs, and he sings the hell out them, too. He is brilliant. If he goes over the top, well, I'm right there with him, overjoyed to see an American Idol contestant who is willing to take risks.

Adam's sexuality is just one part of him (not to mention being no-one's business, unless he wants to share it with us on American Idol). There are so many other facets to his personality. His love of glam rock makes him the thrilling performer he is. His influences, including Bowie and T. Rex, make him fascinating.

And remember, without his sexuality, whatever it may be, he would not be Adam. It's all a part of him . Let him be who he is, and open your mind. There is no more deserving candidate for the title of American Idol this year. His years of hard work on stage have honed his vocal instrument and allowed him to entertain us.

Homophobia is dated. It belongs to another time. Let's celebrate the sweet, extraordinarily gifted person that Adam Lambert is. If you're crushing on him, and you're a female, well, maybe he is gay. But so what? There's nobody else who is going to make you this excited about American Idol...ever. Vote for Adam, and we can look forward to some brilliant music and entertainment, from the formerly bland environs of AI. And we can look forward to a lot more music from Adam in the future.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know: Will Chris Brown Get What He Deserves?

A new police report has surfaced on the Internet, which seems to prove that Chris Brown did far more than throw a single punch at Rihanna. A single punch would have been bad enough, but there was much more abuse going on that day. And the beating was not the first one Rihanna had suffered at his hands.
The leaked report details the way Chris Brown threatened to kill Rihanna, and the way he choked her until she could barely breathe. He continued to punch her, over and over, even while driving his car. He used his free arm to lash out at her.
The argument reportedly began because she found a three-page text message from another woman on his cell phone.
After Chris starting attacking Rihanna, she tried to call her assistant, but received a busy signal. So she faked the call instead, “telling” her assistant to have the police waiting at her house when she returned. This enraged Chris.
I don’t have much faith in the legal system where celebrities are concerned. They so rarely have to pay for their crimes. Money and fame insulate them from the consequences of their actions.
I’m hoping Chris Brown will serve time for what he did to Rihanna, even though she has reportedly taken him back and promised not to testify against him. Whatever bond holds her to him, even as he seeks to destroy her, should be severed by the courts. Before it is too late.

Adam Lambert Gay Makeout Photos - Will They Hurt His Chances On AI?

In the past couple of days, some photos of Adam Lambert have surfaced on the Internet. In these pics, Adam is attending the Burning Man festival, and he is openly affectionate with his boyfriend. He kisses him and hugs him, and poses with him in typical couple fashion.

There are other photos as well, where Adam is kissing his boyfriend, while wearing drag.

Now that these photos are posted all over the Internet, people will have to decide if they will affect their voting choices for the American Idol competition. Reactions to the photos are mixed: some feel that they will damage Adam's chances, because America is not ready for such openness. I disagree. I respect Adam for being honest about who he is, and living life his own way. And many people feel the same way I do.

The photos are not offensive. They show closeness and playfulness. They are all with the same person, who is rumored to be Adam's longtime love, Brad.

Since I can't post a poll in Word press, I'm going to ask a question instead. Please leave a yes or no in comments, along with your views on the "gay makeout photos".

My question: Will the photos stop Adam from winning the American Idol competition? I'll start off with the first comment.

Lindsay Lohan Channels Madonna In New Photo Shoot

Lindsay Lohan often borrows personas when posing for photographs. For this month's Glamour magazine, she has chosen a potent symbol of female power: Madonna.

Recently, she posed in Vanity Fair, styled as Marilyn Monroe. Her pictures as Marilyn captured some of Monroe's legendary, platinum blonde allure.

My favorite photos of Marilyn were those taken in her final year, when her beauty was slightly ragged from age and illness. I found such photos of Monroe very compelling and beautiful, as they seemed to show more depth and emotion. The photos of Marilyn on the beach, wrapped in a sweater, had a sort of wasted glamour. There was more going on behind her eyes, and a sense of melancholy that made her more human to me.

I enjoyed Lindsay's photos, too, but they lacked the same power, because they were only facsimiles.

Now, Lindsay has chosen to pay homage to Madonna, during her "Like A Virgin" phase.

These photos are being run in Glamour Magazine, as part of a special pictorial on American Icons. In this issue, actress Camilla Belle portrays Mary Tyler Moore, and Alicia Keys is styled as Michelle Obama. This current issue shows a series of actresses playing iconic roles, and it celebrates the magazine's 70th year on newsstands.

Lindsay wears a vintage wedding gown and the moussed, tousled hair that Madonna was so well-known for during the Eighties.

While Lindsay's career has spiraled downward due to issues with drug and alcohol abuse, as well as rumors of being "difficult to work with", she continues to get press. As well, her alleged lesbian relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson has added more spice to her already notorious public image.

Do you like this photograph of Lindsay as Madonna? Would Madge approve?

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