Saturday, March 7, 2009

Adam Lambert Gay Makeout Photos - Will They Hurt His Chances On AI?

In the past couple of days, some photos of Adam Lambert have surfaced on the Internet. In these pics, Adam is attending the Burning Man festival, and he is openly affectionate with his boyfriend. He kisses him and hugs him, and poses with him in typical couple fashion.

There are other photos as well, where Adam is kissing his boyfriend, while wearing drag.

Now that these photos are posted all over the Internet, people will have to decide if they will affect their voting choices for the American Idol competition. Reactions to the photos are mixed: some feel that they will damage Adam's chances, because America is not ready for such openness. I disagree. I respect Adam for being honest about who he is, and living life his own way. And many people feel the same way I do.

The photos are not offensive. They show closeness and playfulness. They are all with the same person, who is rumored to be Adam's longtime love, Brad.

Since I can't post a poll in Word press, I'm going to ask a question instead. Please leave a yes or no in comments, along with your views on the "gay makeout photos".

My question: Will the photos stop Adam from winning the American Idol competition? I'll start off with the first comment.


  1. Adam will win this thing. His fans love him so much.

  2. He did end up winning. adam is amazing. gay or straight adam is great !



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