Friday, March 13, 2009

Adam Lambert: So What If He's Gay?

I'm a fan of Adam Lambert. In fact, he blows me away. All over the Internet, debate is raging about the sexuality of this amazing performer. But what does it really matter? For decades, our greatest performers have embraced different forms of human sexuality. Straight, bisexual, homosexual...we've seen it all before. And talent like Adam's shouldn't be subject to labels like this.

Sure, he's theatrical. He wears makeup, dresses beautifully, has emo hair...but my God, have you heard him sing? Have you heard the range and power? And his ability to work a stage sets him apart. His confidence and bravery make everything he does exciting. So what if he's gay? Big deal. It doesn't matter to me and it shouldn't matter to you. Adam Lambert deserves to go through on merit alone.

Have you watched "Is Anybody Listening?" from the Ten Commandments on YouTube? Have you watched the "Crawl Thru Fire" video? Or his brilliant electropop song, Kiss and Tell? I can tell you that Adam writes some of these songs, and he sings the hell out them, too. He is brilliant. If he goes over the top, well, I'm right there with him, overjoyed to see an American Idol contestant who is willing to take risks.

Adam's sexuality is just one part of him (not to mention being no-one's business, unless he wants to share it with us on American Idol). There are so many other facets to his personality. His love of glam rock makes him the thrilling performer he is. His influences, including Bowie and T. Rex, make him fascinating.

And remember, without his sexuality, whatever it may be, he would not be Adam. It's all a part of him . Let him be who he is, and open your mind. There is no more deserving candidate for the title of American Idol this year. His years of hard work on stage have honed his vocal instrument and allowed him to entertain us.

Homophobia is dated. It belongs to another time. Let's celebrate the sweet, extraordinarily gifted person that Adam Lambert is. If you're crushing on him, and you're a female, well, maybe he is gay. But so what? There's nobody else who is going to make you this excited about American Idol...ever. Vote for Adam, and we can look forward to some brilliant music and entertainment, from the formerly bland environs of AI. And we can look forward to a lot more music from Adam in the future.

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  1. Great Post...I agree wholeheartedly that his sexuality shouldn't be an issue at all!



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