Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Channels Madonna In New Photo Shoot

Lindsay Lohan often borrows personas when posing for photographs. For this month's Glamour magazine, she has chosen a potent symbol of female power: Madonna.

Recently, she posed in Vanity Fair, styled as Marilyn Monroe. Her pictures as Marilyn captured some of Monroe's legendary, platinum blonde allure.

My favorite photos of Marilyn were those taken in her final year, when her beauty was slightly ragged from age and illness. I found such photos of Monroe very compelling and beautiful, as they seemed to show more depth and emotion. The photos of Marilyn on the beach, wrapped in a sweater, had a sort of wasted glamour. There was more going on behind her eyes, and a sense of melancholy that made her more human to me.

I enjoyed Lindsay's photos, too, but they lacked the same power, because they were only facsimiles.

Now, Lindsay has chosen to pay homage to Madonna, during her "Like A Virgin" phase.

These photos are being run in Glamour Magazine, as part of a special pictorial on American Icons. In this issue, actress Camilla Belle portrays Mary Tyler Moore, and Alicia Keys is styled as Michelle Obama. This current issue shows a series of actresses playing iconic roles, and it celebrates the magazine's 70th year on newsstands.

Lindsay wears a vintage wedding gown and the moussed, tousled hair that Madonna was so well-known for during the Eighties.

While Lindsay's career has spiraled downward due to issues with drug and alcohol abuse, as well as rumors of being "difficult to work with", she continues to get press. As well, her alleged lesbian relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson has added more spice to her already notorious public image.

Do you like this photograph of Lindsay as Madonna? Would Madge approve?

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